Dress an Earring Up or Down

Rainforest jasper and silver earrings-white background

How do you dress an earring up or down? A few weeks ago a customer asked about a particular earring. They liked the earring design but they wanted something more casual for everyday wear. The original design was this twisted silver wire dangle earring with a pearl drop from the Wedding Jewelry section.   Changing…

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Enjoy Wearing Your Jewelry

Celebrate your Style - silver and gemstone jewelry

Take time to enjoy wearing your jewelry. Most of us aren’t doing a lot right now, but you can enjoy wearing your jewelry for yourself! Don’t leave your jewelry in a box or a drawer. You draw strength and comfort from the things that bring you joy, so enjoy them now. Your jewelry selections are…

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Jewelry Designs using Chasing and Repousse’

  My repousse’ jewelry starts with a totally flat sheet of metal like this one. I create all my designs on paper and rework them until they are exactly what I want to use. The design is then transferred to a blank sheet of flat silver, copper, or other metal using tracing paper or some other…

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