Take a Summer Staycation

summer playtime in the yard

Take a summer Staycation. It’s more complicated to get away from home for a vacation right now and your Staycation can be as much fun as a trip away. Take a few days off from your schedule and plan some fun activities.

Camp out in your yard. Have picnic meals outdoors. Order some treats and special foods that you might usually eat while on vacation.

backyard picnic

Plan some activities for you to do with your kids at home – arts and crafts or a project like building a sandbox. Do some landscaping or work in the garden. It’s better to be outdoors.

Put flowers or plants in the house to brighten things up.

red geraniums

Read some of those books you’ve been meaning to read

Be a digital nomad and tour your own city. Do virtual visits to places you’ve wanted to see – including places in your own area.

Don’t turn on the news and don’t check social media or email as often as you would normally.