The Rituals of Our Lives

Family outing

June ushers in the summer season. As things are beginning to reopen and people are getting out to do more, I hope that you are all well and staying safe.  I’ve been reading about symbols and ran across this:  “the oak is a great symbol for June.  The oak embodies the energy of June with themes of fertility, life, and creativity.”   The oak may be a wonderful symbol, but I think the acorn is a better theme for Spring and Summer.  The acorn’s theme is one of renewal and we could all use some “renewal” right now.

During this period of #stayinghome and #stayingsafe, we’re all missing so many of life’s daily rituals – big and small. Those rituals really matter. Ritual helps defuses anxiety. The greater our anxiety, the more intensely we act out our rituals. I will be so happy to be able to get together and do things with friends and family again.  

It’s a good time to start a journal if you haven’t already begun recording your thoughts and feelings about this time in our lives.  A journal is a wonderful outlet to ventilate, to record aspirations and hopes, to unload your sadnesses and sorrows as will as to commemorate happy moments.

Rituals and symbols are closely associated in all cultures.  The circle symbolizes life and inclusiveness. The disc is a universal sun symbol.  The sun symbolizes life, energy, renewal and strength.  Here are some sketches and a photo of a few designs I’m thinking about. The new styles would be concave like the original style, but they could be polished or textured and have a stone or not.

I’ve added some new pendants to the Disc-O Collection and I am thinking about design variations – a version with a textured disc and double disc earrings:  earrings and pendants like the Concave Hammered Silver Earrings with a center stone.  

Which ideas would interest you? What do you think?