Trash those Jewelry Taboos!


Over the years we’ve all heard a lot about what you can and can’t do when adding jewelry to an outfit.  A lot of these “taboos” make no sense for real people. You can break the mold and trash those “jewelry taboos” from the past.  

– You can have long hair and wear big earrings!
– You can wear a necklace and a scarf – You can  wear silver and gold together!  Like the necklace above, a lot of jewelry pieces combine silver and gold and a mixture of silver and gold bangles on your arm is really pretty! – You can wear multiple earrings – even when you’re older!  

I just learned the term “ear stack” – for multiple piercings in the ears.  I’ve had multiple earrings in my ears since the 70s and it’s still a lot of fun to change combos.  I mix plain studs with  fancy ones and also with dangling statement earrings.  Sometimes I add an ear cuff, too.  I’ve been playing with earrings this summer and I’m here to tell you that you can have fun with your jewelry again. Just jump in and take the plunge.  

You’ll find those coiled fine silver earrings and lots of other earrings in my online shop – dangling ones and studs, too. Who would be interested in ear cuffs?