Vivid Yellow Diamond

Professional recently reported on a fabulous diamond that will be auctioned by Christie’s:

“Cristie’s New York will host a jewellry and gem auction in October, headed by a 32.77 carat

vivid yellow fancy diamond estimated to sell for more than $6 million.  The Vivid Yellow, as it has

been named, is a rare highly saturated vivid yellow diamond. The yellow hue of this large pear-shaped diamond is so intense that GIA ranks it among the rarest of gemstones in its class.”

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  1. Sheridan on September 7, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    The Vivid Yellow Diamond is stunning! It’s certainly unique and rare. Jadeite Experts want to see it although I’m not bidding.I love the color as the name suggest, it’s so vivid.