Welcome to 2021!

Happy New Year in Scrabble Tiles

Welcome to 2021! We’ve completed another annual cycle to a new year.  This annual transition certainly isn’t a new thing,  but I think that the 2020 to 2021 transition is significantly different from most old year to new year experiences in my lifetime.  We’ve all been through a rugged year, a year filled with turmoil and anger and pain. 

My hope is that 2021 will bring a more peaceful and civil tone to our daily lives and our discourse.  I wish everyone health and and happiness in the year ahead.  

Happy New Year fireworks

Most importantly, we need to stay positive and acknowledge difficult emotions. Staying positive helps you develop the resilience to handle trying times and bounce back sooner.  Be more mindful – focus on the here and now and savor what’s good in your life.  Practice gratitude. Count your blessings, as the saying goes – it will help you appreciate the positive aspects of life – even after painful events. Share kindness with others.

The passage from old year to a new year is all about making a fresh beginning.  The transition from old to new is a great opportunity to shift your course a bit – to make some changes to things that we might like to “do over” or at least do differently.

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