Welcome to a New Year

The first birds I saw - January 1, 2023 - a titmouse, a dark eyed junco, and a mountain chickadee


Welcome to a New Year   Here’s wishing everyone a healthy and and happy year ahead in 2023.    The new year is always about new beginnings and a a fresh start.   We don’t really start from zero, but the new year provides a great opportunity to shift course a bit.  If you are making changes, remember your goal is to improve things and to expand your horizons.  

Suggestions to consider

*set some goals and priorities for now and also for the months ahead.  Tune up your daily routine to make it more satisfying.  Remeber to celebrate all your successes, no matter how small.  Learn to say NO more often.

*Use a planner-datebook – I write things down and enter important dates in phone’s calender, too.  Sometimes the note on my physical calender is a timelly reminder.  I also have a notebook along to record thoughts adn observations during the day.  That’s because things that aren’t noted when they happen sort of slip away and they may be hard to recall later on.  I find making those notebook entries makes me more aware, too.

*Start a Journal – I started a journal several years ago – mine in a combination daily log and dairy.

*Ask more questions – and really listen to the answers.  I never seem to ask enough questions.  The notebook can be helpful here too in case you think of something to need to ask about.

*Value your friends.  Smile more – smiling reduces your stress level and makes you more approachable, too.

*Try new things – new classes, trip with a new group, whatever.  You may find new friends this way, too.

*READ MORE – literally.  Souces of books to read on your computer or tablet are everywhere and many are free!  I used to read a lot.  Since 2000, I have renewed my reading habit and it is wonderful experience.  I read a lot of books on my iPad that come free from local libraries.  Kindle is another terrific source.  Some of the free library books are only a sample of an author’s work.  I have found many more available titles  by favorite authors from Kindle books.

*Another thing I’ve done for several years now is to note the first bird I see in the new year.  This year I had a three way tie – a titmouse, a junco, and a mountain chickadee.  They were a cheery note on a cold January morning.