What Happens to Your Brain When You Create Art

An article I read recently on art therapy and creativity stresses that “making art” is important to remain healthy, to staying connected to yourself and to the world. This includes any sort of visual creative expression, anything that engages your mind. Making art involves your creative mind, connecting unrelated things and imagining new ways to make a visual expression. This includes drawing, painting, metalwork, sculpting – you name it. Making art is a pleasurable experience

Making art can lower your stress level. When you are involved in making art, you lose yourself in time and space – you become in the moment.

I’m trying to get into a flow of new jewelry pieces – to be more in the moment. I need to reduce distractions and interruptions that mess with my day. Here are some new pieces in progress – various designs in silver and some mokume gane pieces to finish.

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New silver jewelry in the works
Mokume Gane jewelry in the works
Mokume Gane pieces in progress

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  1. Jackie on February 27, 2020 at 9:33 am

    I do agree Diana, I am so stressed at the moment we have had to take our house off the market, if I can just get some time to myself without all the constant outside pressures, I know that designing and making I will just lose myself in the moment and calm down, I do find my Tai Chi helps a lot too but I seem to have never ending calls on my time making it difficult to focus!