Woven Silver Crosses

Silver Cross with Woven Accents


Woven silver cross on textured neckbandA number of people have asked me about the large cross I often wear.  It also appears on my business cards.   I am working on designs for several smaller crosses.

Here are photos of two styles that I’ve completed recently.   The one with the matching bail is about one inch high and the other is a bit over two inches high.   I’m working on another style that is similar to my large cross and that one will be no larger than about two inches across by 2 inches high.

Cross-inch tall cross with bail and amethysts  on bgeRose gold patinated silver cross golden citrine

All of these crosses will be custom orders – you choose the size and shape, the metal (karat gold or silver) and the stones.

I’ll provide some sketches for your consideration and we’ll discuss gems to use.   After that you’ll get a final sketch and an estimate.