You Need Something Pretty in Your Life

This is a time when you need something pretty in your life. Uncertainty is all around us with concerns about so many things.  Some things are beyond our ability to control, but we can have an impact on other things. 

Take care of yourself – be more aware of you and your body and mind.   Now is a great time to practice self care.  Find things that spark joy in your life  (read  “JOYFUL” by Ingrid Fetell Lee, if you haven’t already). 

Live in the present – live today each day at a time.  We can focus on successes and events in our lives and celebrate each achievement.  Find peace and happiness in enjoying a lovely sunrise or a great sunset.  Take a walk – good for you on many levels.    Deal with the here and now – things will be more normal eventually but we aren’t there now.

Small things can have a big impact on how we feel. It’s a good time to give yourself a gift of something pretty.  That can be flowers, a bright scarf, some jewelry, even a new book to read. You can brighten your mood with a small piece of jewelry. All my jewelry designs are on sale right now – January 10-20. Take 15% off with CODE january.